Saturday, 11. July 2020, 17:08

Economic Efficiency and Feasibility

Today, cities and municipalities are faced with highly complex tasks that require professional management. Safety, cost-efficiency, and economic feasibility are at the forefront here. This also applies to the street lighting segment.

The Roch "Infrastrukturprojekt Straßen-beleuchtung 2000" (Infrastructure Project: Street Lighting 2000) study on the structural stability of pole systems, which is representative on a Germany-wide scale, found that 3.3% of all poles pose a hazard.

Stability testing and seamless documentation are key prerequisites for effective street lighting management and operation. 


Our contribution to your safety

Roch stability testing provides you with detailed data about:

  • Condition of poles and foundations
  • Number of poles
  • Location of the lighting points (optionally GPS)
  • System and equipment history
  • Maintenance data
  • Maintenance, repair, and refurbishment requirements
  • Fault statistics for the individual systems
  • Geometric data
  • Digital pole images
  • An individual economic feasibility analysis based on this data (upon request).