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Roch Test Method

No preparations are required for the testing.
The mobile test device can be used for virtually any test location.


Pole and mast systems do not have to be drilled into, dug up, bent, or destroyed in order to obtain relevant data for testing their structural stability. The hydraulic, finely-controlled cylinders of the test mobile subject the system to a gradually increasing force that is applied at a height of approximately 2 metres. This force is determined on-site by a wind load calculation software which can be set to comply with either DIN 4131 or EN 40.  

The force generates a continuously rising bending moment in the pole or mast which corresponds to the natural load that the wind exerts on a pole or mast system, including all mounted parts.


Examples of the test results

Optimal test graph curve: No damage or defects detected.
Defects caused by corrosion and/or material defects.
Defects caused by cracks or tears.
Defects caused by insufficient ground anchoring.

The stability test comprises the application of a push force and a pull force in two different axes, which makes it possible to test all vulnerable areas of the pole, mast, pylon, door section, ground entry point, and embedded base of the existing structural system without altering or modifying it. While the applied force and the displacement of the pole, mast, or pylon caused by the bending moment are measured simultaneously, the incoming data are graphically visualised and analysed using a force-deflection graph.

An initial assessment is already conducted on-site, facilitated by a specially designed software which also continuously monitors the test procedure and thus provides maximum informational value, safety, reliability, and reproducibility. After concluding the on-site testing activities, all characteristic curves are re-evaluated in a second, independent functional analysis. The collected data is represented in the final test protocols for the customer.

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